October 2010

Beginning the Fall Invasion Beginning October, flies, crickets and spiders were abundantly hanging out in the fields providing a good food supply for the hungry … Read more

Summer 2010

From a 500 year flood to moderate drought conditions the birds experienced a great change in the weather this summer while nurturing the next generation … Read more

May 2010

Wild spring weather What an interesting month!!  May was a beautiful bird month with multiple reports of Yellow Warblers.  Though not as plentiful, other colorful … Read more

April 2010

Welcoming over 50 newcomers When April began, the beautiful purple flowering redbuds were highlighting by the gray winter forest, which suddenly turned various shades of … Read more

March 2010

When Spring Turned Into Winter March is the magical month when birds return and winter turns into spring, but this year was different.  Several winter … Read more

Purple Finch

by John Shackford In its online write-up about the Purple Finch (Carpodacus purpureus), Cornell University states: “The Purple Finch is the bird that Roger Tory … Read more

Spotted Towhee

by John Shackford Although the Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus) and Eastern Towhee (P. erythrophthalmus) are closely related, they are currently classified as separate species.  The … Read more

December 2009

Recorder’s Report by Esther Key In central Oklahoma the balmy fall weather continued for a very short time. During the morning of December 7th a … Read more

November 2009

Recorder’s Report by Esther Key The beautiful, warm fall weather persisted through the month of November. A Rufous Hummingbird continued to visit Terri Underhill’s feeder … Read more