2023 Christmas Bird Count

December 16th, 2023 CBC another success as temps ranged from 35F at sunrise to 51F by the end of the afternoon although a NE wind with gusts to 16 mph had a little bite to it. Other than a few minor cold snaps, winter really hadn’t showed up. We outdid last year’s count by two species and logged 27,254 birds comprised of 115 species! Equally impressive were 21 count parties and 41 participants including a new birder, Mollie Bryant that jumped in by herself and logged over eight hours of birding. We once again had several dozen participants show up at Johnny’s for a nice count tally/dinner!

Candidate for most unexpected bird was a White-faced Ibis, earlier reported on e-Bird, that the Mays team found foraging near the canal inlet, possibly injured/sick although several birders had seen it flying. Lost track of its status and whether it was still hanging around when the polar vortex barreled down into the state on January 14th.

Other high-quality birds include a Red-throated Loon and two Western Grebes (Mays team), 72 Franklin’s Gulls (Woodard and Marra teams), and one Fish Crow (Tucker team). Also, 13 Great Egrets, Four Turkey Vultures, five Bald Eagles, six Black-crowned Night Herons, and 12 Lesser Black-backed Gulls all impressed me too although arbitrary as there were many other impressive birds just as noteworthy.

As always, please check our Club’s webpage at https://okc-audubon.org for any updates to the CBC list that Pat Velte will be post. Thank you for everyone that made this count very special and making a commitment to sacrifice an entire day near Christmas!

Participants stating first with new members bolded: Trina Arnold; Mollie Bryant; Cole Penny; John Cleal, Marion Homier; Steve Davis, Mary Lane, Terri Underhill; Larry Mays, Bill Diffin, Jerry Vanbebber, Aaron Mechem; Jacob Crissup; Neil Garrison; Morton Payne, Johnson Hightower, Steve Parker; Warren Harden, Nancy Vicars; Jimmy Woodard, Nadine Varner; Patricia Velte; Nathan Kuhnert, Susan Prescott, Allison Jones, Allison Jones, Nathan Jones, Kaye Jones; Kathleen Tucker, Esther Key, Valerie Kepler; Hal Yocum, Pat McGaugh; Brian Marra, Grace Huffman, Steve Stone; Jerry Taylor, Marilyn Taylor; Patti Muzny, Brian Munzy; and John Sterling.

Nathan Kuhnert, Compiler

Species #birds
Species # birds
Species #birds
Greater White-fronted Goose 1   American Coot 364   Hermit Thrush 2
Snow Goose (white form) CW   Killdeer 62   American Robin 607
Cackling Goose 56   Greater Yellowlegs 42   Northern Mockingbird 42
Canada Goose 1287   Least Sandpiper 10   Brown Thrasher 2
Ross’s Goose 1   Wilson’s Snipe 1   European Starling 6527
Wood Duck 27   Bonaparte’s Gull 270   American Pipit 3
Gadwall 230   Franklin’s Gull 72   Cedar Waxwing 57
American Wigeon 3   Ring-billed Gull 7536   Orange-crowned Warbler 28
Mallard 472   Herring Gull 174   Common Yellowthroat 1
Northern Shoveler 404   Lesser Black-backed Gull 12   Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) 72
Northern Pintail 2   Forster’s Tern 36   Spotted Towhee 22
American Green-winged Teal 45   Rock Pigeon 715   American Tree Sparrow 1
Canvasback 57   Eurasian Collared-Dove 31   Field Sparrow 16
Redhead 23   White-winged Dove 13   Savannah Sparrow 1
Ring-necked Duck 78   Mourning Dove 218   Fox Sparrow 26
Lesser Scaup 86   Greater Roadrunner 2   Song Sparrow 23
Bufflehead 56   Eastern Screech-Owl 1   Lincoln Sparrow 1
Common Goldeneye 66   Great Horned Owl 4   Swamp Sparrow 12
Hooded Merganser 94   Barred Owl CW   White-throated Sparrow 41
Common Merganser 9   Belted Kingfisher 22   Harris’s Sparrow 222
Red-breasted Merganser 293   Red-headed Woodpecker 5   White-crowned Sparrow 9
Ruddy Duck 40   Red-bellied Woodpecker 33   Dark-eyed Junco 143
Pacific Loon CW   Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1   Lapland Longspur CW
Common Loon 13   Downy Woodpecker 37   Northern Cardinal 194
Red-throated Loon 1   Hairy Woodpecker 3   Red-winged Blackbird 440
Pied-billed Grebe 75   Northern Flicker 60   Eastern Meadowlark 62
Horned Grebe 32   Pileated Woodpecker CW   Rusty Blackbird 10
Western Grebe 2   Eastern Phoebe 6   Common Grackle 8
American White Pelican 1209   Blue Jay 122   Great-tailed Grackle 187
Double-crested Cormorant 2957   American Crow 225   Brown-headed Cowbird 26
Great Blue Heron (blue form) 84   Fish Crow 1   House Finch 116
Great Egret 13   Horned Lark 3   Pine Siskin 15
Black-crowned Night-Heron 6   Carolina Chickadee 104   American Goldfinch 74
White-faced Ibis 1   Tufted Titmouse 16   House Sparrow 91
Turkey Vulture 4   White-breasted Nuthatch 2      
Bald Eagle 5   Brown Creeper 1      
Northern Harrier 3   Carolina Wren 55   Number of birds counted 7856
Sharp-shinned Hawk 3   Bewick’s Wren 10      
Cooper’s Hawk 9   House Wren CW      
Red-shouldered Hawk 21   Winter Wren 6      
Red-tailed Hawk 69   Marsh Wren 3      
American Kestrel (Northern) 17   Golden-crowned Kinglet 5      
Merlin 2   Ruby-crowned Kinglet 27      
Prairie Falcon CW   Eastern Bluebird 7