Prague City Lake

by Jimmy Woodard

Prague City Lake is located about 3 miles northwest of the town of Prague in Lincoln County. According to Ebird, there have been 83 species recorded here since 2010. Most species on the list have been a limited amount of waterfowl, woodland species and a few summer breeding birds. No unusual or rare birds have been found here yet.

Known access is limited to the west side of the lake, mainly in the city owned park. There are picnic areas, a floating dock and equestrian trails. The lake has standing dead timber in several areas of the lake. Viewing the large southeast arm of the lake is probably best in the afternoon when the sun angle is better. There may be access to the dam on the north end but I have not explored this yet. A boat or canoe would be helpful in exploring coves which don’t have driving or walking access.

Directions: About 3 miles west of Prague on Hwy 62, take NS3250 (paved) and go north two miles to EW1030. Turn East(right) and travel about a mile to the lake and city park.