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Summer 2018


Although the summer was busy with nesting and juvenile birds learning survival skills, August brought important changes in bird movements and in eBird reporting protocols. eBird updated the taxonomic order of their bird list according to the latest scientific information including revelations from DNA testing. Check out the new order of bird listings with some moving up and

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November 2017

November 2017

Fall Rarities

As the weather cooled down, several interesting species appeared in the area. Scoters were discovered in various locations for a total of all three species. At one time all five grebe species were seen at the Lake Thunderbird Dam area and individually in other locations. In eBird two species seen earlier in the year were discovered,

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September 2017

Recorders Report – SEPTEMBER 2017

Endings and Beginnings


Birds were hard to find during September as many of the summer birds were leaving and the hot dry weather slowed the arrival of the winter residents. Still for those who ventured out birding, some amazing species were seen. Quite a few shorebirds and colorful warblers were found migrating through in

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October 2017

Recorders Report – October 2017

Flyover Surprises


During migration sometimes the best discoveries are those that briefly flyover as they move from summer to winter locations. But some flyovers find their paths blocked by unseen obstacles. All the same birding involves looking and listening from ground level to sky high and the question is: Will these flyovers

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December 2017

Recorders Report – December 2017

A Snowy December

December was a very exciting month. Besides interesting Christmas Bird Counts, several Snowy Owls were discovered in the state. How many is not certain, but three were seen on one day and owls were spotted elsewhere. eBird has now confirmed two rare birds in Central Oklahoma. On February 19th along I-40 in

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January 2018

Recorders Report – January 2018

A raft of unusual birds

A New Year and time to start a New Year bird list and an excellent place to record it is in eBird. eBird had redesigned their Home Page including an exciting new feature. Your individual stats with an interesting bird photo shows at the top. A fun new stat is

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February 2018

Recorders Report – February 2018

Backyards and Playgrounds

While February is a quiet month with a continuation of winter birds, an exciting late winter species appeared in several places. And one never knows what special bird will show up at the neighborhood playground. With the Great Back-yard Bird Count, reports were received from all counties this month including three counties

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March 2018

Recorders Report – March 2018

Spring Begins

As the redbuds and wild plum thickets began to bloom, visions of spring and spring migrants begin dancing in birder’s head and questions arise. Which spring migrant will show up first: Shorebirds, Warblers, NTMB (Neotropical Migratory Birds), Egrets/Herons and, yes Gulls. How long would the Red Crossbills visit Chitwood Park in Edmond and

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April 2018

Recorders Report – April 2018

April Fool

What an Unbelievable month !!! Just when everything thought spring was here, Snow, Freezing Rain, and Sleet arrived nipping some early growth and delaying later plants. Arriving bird migrants were late and winter bird migrants stayed longer. Still the month had an amazing group of newcomers to the area.

On March 30th

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May 2018

Recorders Report

From one extreme to another

Where was spring? April was recorded as the second coldest in Oklahoma history and then May turned around to be the hottest recorded in 125 years. Many parts of the state are lacking in rain. How are the birds handling these extremes? And the birders. Well the birders were very busy checking out

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