Summer 2022

Summer was hotter this year with an extended drought, but birds continued nesting in June and started migration in July and August.  A sand bar … Read more

May 2022

As the last spring migrants pass through central Oklahoma, some migrants are beginning to settle down to start their June breeding season.  A variety of … Read more

April 2022

April is the biggest month of newly arriving bird species in Central Oklahoma, but many are only migrating through.  Only a few of the resident … Read more

March 2022

As the redbuds begin to blossom and the bees and butterflies awaken, Dark-eyed Juncos, Ducks, Gulls and other wintering birds begin leaving, while summer nesters … Read more

February 2022

The Great Backyard Bird Count was reported in 11 of the 12 central Oklahoma counties with three new species for the year documented during that … Read more

January 2022

The new year of 2022 begin with birders checking out many of their favorite locations.  How many bird species were found in all 12 counties?  … Read more

December 2021

As 2021 ends, each county’s tally of the number of bird species seen is finalized and ranked from the county with the most species seen … Read more

November 2021

November was a warm, dry month as the winter birds began arriving.  Unusual swimmers were spotted on area lakes and the Longspurs were discovered. As … Read more

October 2021

Migration is in full swing this month as the days get shorter and cooler weather arrives. Several exciting bird parties developed this month as new … Read more

Summer 2021

JUNE On the 1st RJ Baltierra saw Mississippi Kite at Sasakwa in Seminole County.  On the 4th Joe Grzybowski came across Summer Tanager, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, … Read more

May 2021

May was a beautiful spring month with 28 different warbler species traveling through central Oklahoma.  It is surprising how many different counties reported Bobolinks, Common … Read more

April 2021

Beautiful songs; beautiful birds are arriving almost daily. Beginning with shorebirds to ending with warblers, during April birds travelled through Oklahoma: some to settle down, … Read more

March 2021

Here they come !! Neotropical Migratory Birds, shorebirds, egrets, as well as those wintering in southern North America are beginning to arrive: Some to stay; … Read more

February 2021

Congratulations !!  This year all 12 counties took part in the Great Backyard Bird Count in spite of the record breaking storm that descended on … Read more

January 2021

What an amazing month of Mountain Bluebirds, Purple Finches, Red-breasted Nuthatches and other unusual species.  At the time data was collected, there were two bird … Read more

November 2020

For the first time in recent years the species total for the year for Central Oklahoma counties has reached and surpassed 300 species and the … Read more

Summer 2020

What a busy summer for birdwatchers !!  31 Breeding Bird Atlas blocks were assigned in eight central Oklahoma counties.  But there are still quite a … Read more

May 2020

May was warbler and flycatcher month.  For birders that got out and about warblers were observed in various locations including a few rare visitors to … Read more

March 2020

As spring arrives local birds are setting up nest sites and seasonal birds are beginning to move.  On the 1st in Logan County Braden Farris … Read more

December 2019

Weather was usually nice during December and many birders were out searching for the last birds of the year.  There are a lot of birds … Read more

October 2019

Three interesting bird species whose ID can be confused with nearby species were reported this month.  A mystery bird appeared on Lake Hefner and thanks … Read more