March 2019

March started with the coldest day this winter on the 4th and continued cold throughout the month.  Still birders were out recording the spring migration.  … Read more

February 2019

Recorders Report by Esther Key During February winter was in full swing with several events of ice and snow.  Quite a number of people participated … Read more

January 2019

Recorders Report by Esther Key Quite a few birders celebrated the start of the New Year by going birding. On the 1st at Mitch Park … Read more

December 2018

Recorders Report by Esther Key   The year ended with quite a few interesting species arriving to spend the winter bringing individual county counts up.  … Read more

November 2018

Recorders Report Fall arrivals by Esther Key Once again feeder watchers are being surprised by Red-breasted Nuthatches and lake observers have found rare swimmers and … Read more

October 2018

Recorders Report by Esther Key   On the 3rd Cale Corley found Gray Catbird at Sanborn Lake in Payne County.  On the 4th Caleb McKinney … Read more

September 2018

Recorders Report Some are arriving: Some are leaving by Esther Key Birds previously reported during the year are Inca Dove and Short-eared Owl by Emily … Read more

November 2017

November 2017 Fall Rarities As the weather cooled down, several interesting species appeared in the area. Scoters were discovered in various locations for a total … Read more

September 2017

Recorders Report – SEPTEMBER 2017 Endings and Beginnings   Birds were hard to find during September as many of the summer birds were leaving and … Read more

October 2017

Recorders Report – October 2017 Flyover Surprises   During migration sometimes the best discoveries are those that briefly flyover as they move from summer to … Read more

February 2018

Recorders Report – February 2018 Backyards and Playgrounds While February is a quiet month with a continuation of winter birds, an exciting late winter species … Read more

March 2018

Recorders Report – March 2018 Spring Begins As the redbuds and wild plum thickets began to bloom, visions of spring and spring migrants begin dancing … Read more

April 2018

Recorders Report – April 2018 April Fool What an Unbelievable month !!!  Just when everything thought spring was here, Snow, Freezing Rain, and Sleet arrived … Read more

May 2018

Recorders Report From one extreme to another Where was spring?  April was recorded as the second coldest in Oklahoma history and then May turned around … Read more

Summer 2017

Summer Additions You never know what you will find when you go out birding.  Who would have thought on June 25th a Wood Stork would … Read more

April 2017

Busy Birding What a busy month with so many new species arriving in the Central Oklahoma area, while resident birds are building nests and raising … Read more

January 2017

The New Year Starting the 2017 New Year during January, bird reports were entered into eBird from all Central Oklahoma counties with 3 of them … Read more

October 2016

When Out Looking Sometime bird reports are on the verge of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  In October a Magnificent Frigatebird was spotted on Lake … Read more

March 2017

Early Spring Now is the time to be alert.  Migrants are arriving in central Oklahoma; sometimes several new ones in a single day.  The drought … Read more

January 2015

A New Adventure Plan A new year and new adventures await and what is your birding goal for the year?  Goals can vary from backyard … Read more

February 2015

The International Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) occurred this month starting on the 13th and ending the 16th. Will all of the central Oklahoma counties … Read more