January 2015

A New Adventure Plan A new year and new adventures await and what is your birding goal for the year?  Goals can vary from backyard … Read more

February 2015

The International Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) occurred this month starting on the 13th and ending the 16th. Will all of the central Oklahoma counties … Read more

March 2015

At last the snow is gone and spring has arrived along with many migrants and a few rain showers, but the drought continues.  With the … Read more

April 2015

So many birds; so many reports; and not enough room to record it all.  Bird visitors are arriving daily.  Some to stop in their travels … Read more

May 2015

Record breaking rain brought an interesting group of birds to Ten Mile Flats and birders in the various counties saw a possible record breaking number … Read more

Summer 2015

Summer birds need lots of protein to raise a nest full of hungry young birds.  So where do birds get protein?  Spiders, bugs, and caterpillars … Read more

November 2015

As the beautiful fall weather turns into the first ice storm of the season, birders may be wondering why they should be concerned about the … Read more

December 2015

As birds are busy snacking on seeds in our winter feeders, it is time to plan our yards and gardens to create a natural environment … Read more