Virginia Rail

Inspiration from Tabatha Olsen’s wonderful presentation last month & a rare opportunity to photograph these difficult birds, and you get the perfect storm for this … Read more


By Grace Huffman It’s June, and that means that fields everywhere are filled with one of the sounds of summer: singing Dickcissels. Some of my … Read more

Hooded Warbler

by Grace Huffman It’s springtime and that means migration is in full swing! Amongst all the birds heading north to breed is one of my … Read more

Downy Woodpecker

by Grace Huffman Downy Woodpeckers are small birds, only a little bigger than House Sparrows,  common in wooded areas and backyards with trees. Males are … Read more


By Grace Huffman Earlier this month I was birding with our president, Betsy Hacker, as well as members Brian Mara and Hal Yocum at Lake … Read more

Brown Creeper

By Grace Huffman Small and easily overlooked, Brown Creepers are one of winter’s treasures. Why are they so easily overlooked? Well, they are experts at … Read more

Red Phalarope

by Grace Huffman Earlier this month I went up to Lake Carl Blackwell with former president Betsy Hacker and Brian Marra. We initially went there … Read more

Least Sandpiper

By Grace Huffman Migration is in full swing, with birds on their way south from their breeding grounds. From warblers to shorebirds, they are all … Read more


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Barred Owl

By Grace Huffman If you know me, you know some of my favorite birds are owls. I’m not sure why, but seeing or hearing one … Read more

American Redstart

By John Shackford Springtime is the time to see beautiful warblers and one of these beautiful species is the American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla).  The American … Read more

Red-tailed Hawk

By John Shackford When someone mentions hawk, the Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) is usually the first one to come to my mind.  I suspect it … Read more