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Summer 2016


Exploring Central Oklahoma Birds

Several interesting birds visited Central Oklahoma this summer and were located by diligent birdwatchers in the field. For the year three counties have reported over 200 species (one at 245) but four counties have less than 100 species. Only 31 species have been reported in all 12 counties. There are still lots of areas for

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Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird. © Terri Underhill

by John Shackford

From what I have read the male Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) is a beautiful little gem of a bird. To the best of my recollection (not too trustworthy these days) I have never seen this hummer. Selasphorus means “to bear a flame…the males of this genus have iridescent gorgets that make

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Patio/Carport Robins, Final Chapter (for now)

by Patti Muzny

Last month the avian saga in our Oklahoma City backyard revolved around our three families of Robins that chose to nest under our patio and under our carport. I will probably never admit to the number of hours after work and on weekends that I spent watching their journey from beautiful blue eggs to fledging.

The “most-watched”

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Robin Ramblings

Robins are nearly everywhere, from timberline in the mountains to the beaches of the South. We take them for granted and enjoy their songs and their foraging in our yards. Sometimes we are blessed to be able to intimately get to know our backyard Robins. The Muzny south Oklahoma City backyard has always had Robins visiting off and on. A

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February/March 2016

by Patti Muzny

Spring has sprung up all around us and it’s always fun to be able to spend some quality time out of our homes and absorb the sights and sounds of a new season. A few household dust bunnies and a pile of paperwork don’t affect me as much as it should, I guess. I will choose the

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Spring 2015

Oklahoma manages to offer many challenges in our daily lives, not only to humans, but to our wildlife as well. We have not had many opportunities to enjoy birding or even venture outside for the past few weeks. It’s difficult to bird while trotting across the yard into a downpour and diving into our storm shelter! But we’ve been blessed

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Late April, Early May 2015

by Patti Muzny

Late April, Early May 2015

Due to various circumstances beyond our control, the lawn in our front yard became sparse and pitiful, especially under the large oaks. So I purchased a blend of grass seed and began to slowly convince it to grow and cover the bare spots so our soil would not end up escaping down

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Late March, Early April 2015

by Patti Muzny

Late March, Early April 2015

When I’m attempting to enjoy peace and quiet at our cabin at Byars, OK, there is inevitably something or someone who will shatter my solitude with various and assorted interruptions. Usually it’s my hubby or son with a chain saw, leaf blower or tractor. Sometimes it’s something really cool.

On March 29th,

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Wrens in the Ferns

By Patti Muzny

A record-breaking day warm and wonderful day at the end of January allowed me to indulge in some of my favorite undertakings. I came home from work and the temperatures were still in the 70’s at 5:00 PM. I was tired, so I dusted off the patio furniture, grabbed a novel I had been trying to read

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Chirping about CBCs

By Patti Muzny

January is a pretty good month for “chirping” about Christmas Bird Counts. When I opened up my CBC file for OKC Audubon, I started to pull it out and it was so heavy, the old glue gave way and the metal file guide fell out, spilling part of the contents. Eeee-gads…there was a species list in the

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