April 2019

by Patti Muzny For the past 29 years, I have mostly observed spring migration from my offices at the beautiful Oklahoma State Capitol Building. I … Read more

May / June 2018

by Patti Muzny The Muzny OKC back yard continues to provide various forms of nature-inspired entertainment for us. It’s so interesting to see how the … Read more

May 2018

by Patti Muzny Our natural world is such a fascinating phenomenon. It always amazes me what can be experienced when we are aware of our … Read more

OKC CBC 2017

By Patti Muzny After 2016’s bonechilling, eye-watering, overpowering north wind and generally totally disagreeable weather conditions that descended upon participants in the Oklahoma City Audubon … Read more

Summer 2016

  Exploring Central Oklahoma Birds Several interesting birds visited Central Oklahoma this summer and were located by diligent birdwatchers in the field.  For the year … Read more

The Mockingbirds

By Patti Muzny A world without Mockingbirds would be a dismal world indeed. I don’t think I could handle their absence very well. We have … Read more

CBCs for 2013

Christmas Bird Counts for the 2013 counting season are now an assortment of statistics in participants and compiler’s records. Those statistics do not reflect the … Read more

May / June 2012

After our stifling heat and drought last year, the recent cooler and beautifully damp weather has been totally delightful. It is definitely contributing to the … Read more