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2017 Christmas Bird Count Information

February: Papua New Guinea – Birds of Paradise

And some other birds too…

World traveler Dr. Doug Wood, professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, will present photos and video of his bird trip to Papua New Guinea, New Britain island, plus a dash of Australian birds. He will cover different aspects of PNG’s bird communities, behavior, conservation, and local culture.

The island of New Guinea was not isolated during the last ice age. Having then been connected to Australia, it now shares some of its natural history with the northern parts of that country. Geologically, Papua New Guinea, the eastern part of the island, boasts the highest mountains between South America and the Himalayas. The largest orchids, butterflies, moths, lobelias et al. in the world are there. Active volcanoes dot the northern coast. The coastal lowlands are covered with tropical wet forest and the highlands with cool forests. It is said that the wet season with about 180 inches of rain yearly lasts for five months with the dry season lasting seven months delivering only about 120 inches. The native Aboriginal people, as varied and colorful as the birds, have been hunting, fishing and farming there for several tens of thousands of years.

With over 700 species including nearly 600 breeding land and freshwater species plus about 100 migrants from the north, Australia and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea is, indeed, a birder’s paradise. Birds of paradise, bowerbirds, cassowaries, mound builders, kingfishers, colorful fruit doves and flycatchers have dazzled outsiders since their discovery in the mid 1800s and are a striking contrast to our North American avifauna.

Our meetings are held September through June on the third Monday of each month (with the exception of January, when the meeting is held on the fourth Monday). Meetings begin at 7 p.m. Visitors are always welcome.

Meeting Location:

Our meetings are held at the Will Rogers Garden center, located at the intersection of NW 36th Street and I-44. 


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2017 Christmas Bird Count numbers

During the Oklahoma City Christmas Bird Count for 2017, a total of 127 species were observed on count day.  Click here to view the list.

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