OKC Audubon June 10, 2017 Picnic 

As usual the club is supplying hamburgers and hot dogs, charcoal, buns, paper plates and cups, napkins, tablecloths, plasticware, salt and pepper, soda and ice. Participants are encouraged to make a meal contribution, but it is not necessary. Anything suitable to a picnic is acceptable, but here are some suggestions: potato salad, bean salad, cole slaw, veggie platter, chips and dip, deviled eggs, chili, boiled vegetables, baked beans, corn bread, garnishes A — lettuce and sliced tomato, onions and pickles, garnishes B — mustard, catsup and relish, or desserts like brownies, watermelon, ice cream, cake. The delicious array of items brought by our members really make this picnic something special. 

You can start arriving at the party at 4 pm to help with the setup, put out your chairs, relax and have a drink and appetizer, etc. The cooking will start at 5 pm.

To RSVP and let us know how many will be in your party and what you will bring, please email: info@okc-audubon.org

Below is the list showing what others who have signed up plan to bring and also how many people may be attending.

Family Name # Attendees Meal Contribution Hot Dogs Burgers
 Vicars  1  Lemon cake    1
 Hacker 1 Cole slaw, dessert 1 1
Woodson 2 Vegetable salad 1  2
 Woodard/Varner  2 Broccoli salad  1  2
 Douglas 2 Key lime pie    
 Muzny  3  garden fresh onions and pickles, baked beans and a dessert    3
Shackford  4  Baked beans  1  3
 Green  2  Chicken salad  1  2
 Hamilton/Hordinsky 2 Chips, dip, relish 1 1
 Huffman 1 Dessert    1
 Harden  1      
 Cleal/Homier  2  seafood salad and a fruit salad  3  3
 Taylor 2  Mustard, Ketchup, and Sweet Pickle Relish, and fruit, either cantaloupe or pineapple.  2  1
 High  2 deviled eggs    2
 Diffiin 1 Lettuce and tomato 1  1
 Eide 1 Potato salad    
Velte 1   1  1
Meisenzahl 2  Mayo, mustard, relish & chips 1 2
Mays 1  Chocolate cake    1