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2017 Christmas Bird Count

>> Christmas Bird Count Checklist:  (PDF)   |  (Excel)

This year the count will be held on Saturday, 16 December 2017.  John Shackford has agreed to help me make the transition to the changeover.  It is not possible to come close to filling John’s shoes but I do want to try hard and help to continue the tradition!  Most of you, I hope, will repeat counting in the same areas you did last year.  Call me or try to attend the November meeting if you do not recall what that was and we will try to work it out as we make the transition.  For other questions, please contact me through the contact information given at the bottom.  Last year we had 44 participants in 22 parties and counted 111 species.  With a cold temperature of 9 degrees for that 24-hour period we could have wimped out big-time and recorded far fewer than 111 species.  We certainly hope for better weather this year!  We really appreciate everyone’s hard work.  It is amazing what we can accomplish as a group!  And the fun we can have!

As we lose habitat diversity—especially most extensively in the northwest part of our count area—it presents an increasing challenge for us to maintain a very high species count.  Nonetheless, we appreciate everyone’s efforts and always look forward, especially, to the unusual species we seem to come up with every year.  And it should be remembered that although the rarities are the icing on the counting day cake, most of the usefulness of Christmas Bird Counts relates to what is happening with expected species.  For example, CBC numbers of duck species help wildlife manager’s set bag limits, aimed at protecting individual waterfowl populations that are declining.

This year we plan to have our after-count party at Johnnies Restaurant, 6629 NW Expressway, in northwest Oklahoma City.  We have a private room there from 5-8 pm.  I will plan to read the list about 6:30 pm.  Pat Velte again will be at our tally and has agreed to help me with the data compilation aspects!  We do encourage members to bring a dessert—always some great ones—and what we do not eat at Johnnies, we can bring to our regular bird club meeting the following Monday night.

Again, call with any questions about the count you may have.   

Happy Counting!

CBC Contact Info:

Nathan Kuhnert, compiler 
(405) 549-4285 
1723 Caddell Lane
Norman, OK 73069       

John Shackford, assistant
(405) 996-6050
429 E. Oak Cliff Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73034


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